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Falcon Crest Season 5 Episode 4

Falcon Crest Season 5 Episode 4

When Chase tries to help Maggie regain her memory, she rebuffs his advances, reminding him that she doesn’t remember him or their marriage. Peter Stavros asks Angela to marry him, but she can only think about saving Falcon Crest at the moment. As Father Christopher gets to know his family, Angela and Greg use him as proof that Anna had a motive to kill Dominic. Unnerved, Anna sneaks into Angela’s bedroom and sets it ablaze. When Richard is shot at, he escapes injury because he wears a bulletproof vest. Jordan and Richard create a plan with Richard as the target that will draw out the assailant. Lance continues his reckless and despondent behavior.

Episode Title: Echoes

Air Date: 1985-10-25