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Gilligan’s Island Season 3 Episode 8

Gilligan’s Island Season 3 Episode 8

Gilligan wakes up with white hair, and thinks he overhears the Professor say that he has a rare disease that has made him age quickly (the disease? ””follicular albinism””). When Mrs. Howell attempts to fix the problem by dyeing Gilligan’s hair brown, the dye causes his hair to fall out. A classic line occurred as the other Castaways tried to act as though they don’t notice Gilligan’s baldness … Mrs. Howell’s famous breakfast order: ””I think I’ll have a hard-bald egg.”” Later, the Skipper exhibits the same symptoms. The Professor determines the problems are caused by the crude bleach that Gilligan and the Skipper have been using while washing the castaways clothing.

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Serie: Gilligan's Island


Episode Title: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Air Date: 1966-10-31