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Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 14

Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 14

Thad goes to the marshal’s office to get Festus (Matt’s out-of-town) and tells him there’s a problem at the Long Branch. When they get there, Kitty tells them she got rid of the two brothers that were drunk and disorderly. As her and Sam are closing up, Sam takes a crate of empty bottles to the cellar and Kitty goes up to her room. Waiting there is Richard Strom, one of the brothers, who gags her and starts beating her. A window breaks in the struggle and brings Festus, Thad and Sam running. Richard Strom shoots Festus and is killed by return fire. Several days later Oklahoma judge Calvin Strom shows up in town with his two remaining sons, Mark and Cal, Jr. (the one that was with Richard the night of the shooting). Judge Strom wants charges brought against Festus for murder and against Kitty for conspiracy to commit murder, but Matt refuses and orders the judge and his two sons out of Dodge. That night Mark ambushes Matt and puts a bullet in his leg while his fa

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Serie: Gunsmoke


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Episode Title: The Avengers

Air Date: 1965-12-18