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Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 16

Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 16

Holly and Walker, two bounty hunters, come across a dead sheriff and his prisoner. The prisoner, John Drago, is still alive, but badly injured from his horse throwing him. Holly finds a wanted poster in the sheriff’s pocket indicating the reward for Drago, dead or alive, from the Mexican authorities is thirty-thousand dollars. They take Drago into Dodge for medical treatment. Doc and Matt insist on keeping Drago under guard in a hotel room until he’s fit to ride. Local farmer Austin Boyle’s wife is under Doc’s care because she’s having a difficult time carrying her baby and, knowing he could use the money, Festus suggests that Matt hire him as a guard. A Kansas City Beacon Newspaper reporter, George Flint, is in town and keeps stirring up trouble between the bounty hunters and Matt to create an interesting story. Flint eventually plants the idea in the bounty hunter’s minds to offer Boyle three-thousand dollars to kill Drago so they can quickly get to Mexico and

Episode Title: Death Watch

Air Date: 1966-01-08