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Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 21

Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 21

Jason rides up to Jed Woodard’s homestead and asks if he can water his horse. While he’s doing that Jed notices a guitar strapped to Jason’s horse. He takes it out and starts fooling with it. Jason is very possessive about the instrument and each time he asks Jed to give it to him Jed abuses it a little more. Finally, he’s knocking it against a sharp piece of wood and is on the verge of puncturing it. Jason will take no more, draws his knife, and stabs Jed in the chest. He digs a grave but doesn’t finish burying the body because two riders are approaching. He arrives in Dodge and stops in at the Long Branch where Kitty is throwing a birthday party for Doc. Kitty asks him to play some music, and he agrees to play in return for some food. The following day Jack and Dan, the two riders that scared Jason off, arrive in Dodge. They disturb the peace and Matt relieves them of their guns. Later that night they get into a fight with Jason and Matt throws them in jail. W

Episode Title: My Father's Guitar

Air Date: 1966-02-12