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Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 27

Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 27

Ian McGovern, his mother, and son, David, immigrate from Scotland and find a nice plot of land just outside of Dodge. According to the land office they have a right to homestead it, but according to Ben Payson the land is his. When Ben appeals to Matt about it he’s told that the land is public domain and, when it comes down to it, he’ll have to stand on the side of the law. Ben is not pleased with this response. When Ben’s daughter, Betsy’s, horse throws her and she’s nearly charged by a wild boar, David comes to her rescue. When Betsy gets home she finds her father less than appreciative. Soon Ben finds out that David and Betsy are sweet on each other. A fight takes place between the two fathers and Ben insists that if David continues to see Betsy he’ll kill him. When Ben’s ranch hands get back from delivering his cattle to market he takes them with him to burn out the ””squatters,”” but Thad and Betsy ride for the marshal.

Episode Title: Harvest

Air Date: 1966-03-26