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Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 29

Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 29

Jacob Beamus and his good Comanche friend, John Walking Fox, are bringing a load of buffalo pelts into Dodge. Gainer, Holtz and Banjo, three morally bankrupt saddle tramps, try to force their way into staying at their camp and are invited to leave. When the three see Jacob and John Walking Fox coming into Dodge they give them some more trouble. They manage to get to Aaron Tigue’s trading store, where an argument takes place between Jacob and Aaron over the previously promised price of the pelts, and Jacob is killed. John Walking Fox pays Percy Crump, Dodge City’s undertaker, for a funeral and headstone for Jacob with a ’49er’ $50 gold piece, a rare coin minted once by a California bank. It seems that the old coin shipment of $100,000 was lost between Pueblo, Colorado and Dodge City, Kansas in 1850. When he then pays for a hotel room with another coin, Tigue and the saddle tramps are convinced that the Indian knows where the rest of the coins are buried. It turns

Episode Title: Treasure of John Walking Fox

Air Date: 1966-04-16