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Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 30

Gunsmoke Season 11 Episode 30

Joey and Bernie Jeffords are in the Hays City Trail’s End Saloon watching Jim Barrett, a famous gunfighter, shoot pool. Joey decides he’s faster than Barrett and gets killed trying to prove it. Bernie takes Joey home and informs his pa as to what happened. When Barrett arrives in Dodge City, Matt throws him in jail until he gets confirmation from the territorial governor that there’s no warrants out for him. When he releases him, he tells Barrett that if he so much as breaks a whiskey glass in Dodge he’ll throw him back in jail. Barrett promises to start no trouble. However, a young man in town keeps trying to kill Barrett, but keeps getting outwitted. In the meantime, Ike Jeffords gathers up his grown sons and heads for Dodge to settle the score with Barrett. That night one of the Jeffords boys calls Barrett out into the street while his father and three brothers wait in ambush!

Episode Title: My Father, My Son

Air Date: 1966-04-23