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Hardcastle and McCormick Season 2 Episode 14

Hardcastle and McCormick Season 2 Episode 14

Perplexed by the apparent suicide of ex-con Denny Frye, an up-and-coming comic, Hardcastle decides to investigate. Thanks to Mark, Hardcastle discovers that Denny was romantically involved with a woman named Pamela Bayer. The judge’s earlier suspicions gain some validity when Hardcastle and McCormick see a group of men try to kidnap Pamela. After rescuing Pamela, Hardcastle and McCormick learn that the prospective kidnappers work for reputed mobster Sonny Austin, her ex-boyfriend. Realizing that Sonny, in an irrational attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend, has been assaulting all Pamela’s dates, Hardcastle and McCormick try to find out who has been providing the mobster with her dating schedule. It turns out that Pamela has been primarily dating comedians employed at Boots Dikeman’s club. Figuring that Leo Dikeman, Boots’ main competitor, is probably encouraging Sonny, Hardcastle and McCormick decide to pay him a visit. Before they arrive, Sonny, realizing that he has been used, kills Leo. Facing a dead end in the case, the judge asks Mark to pose as one of Pamela’s comedian boyfriends. Taking the bait, Sonny falls into the judge’s trap.

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Serie: Hardcastle and McCormick


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Episode Title: What's So Funny?

Air Date: 1985-01-21


Hardcastle and McCormick Season 2 Episode 14