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I Dream of Jeannie Season 2 Episode 8

I Dream of Jeannie Season 2 Episode 8

A well-meaning Jeannie has tried her best to please Tony, but her magic continues to cause problems. Tony comes to wit’s end at how to deal with her. Roger suggests that Tony have Jeannie study ””Tales of Arabian Nights,”” claiming it will teach her how to properly use her gifts. Without any hesitation and despite Jeannie’s objections, Tony tells her to study the book. And just why does Jeannie object? Because ””Tales of Arabian Nights”” is a book on how to torture mean masters through foul means (e.g., Tony’s mattress is turned into a bed of spikes; Tony’s wrists are tied high above a croccodile pit). Eventually, Tony catches on and together with Jeannie, plot some revenge against Roger … by sending him briefly to Siberia!

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Serie: I Dream of Jeannie

Episode Title: How to Be a Genie in 10 Easy Lessons

Air Date: 1966-10-31


I Dream of Jeannie Season 2 Episode 8