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I Dream of Jeannie Season 3 Episode 3

I Dream of Jeannie Season 3 Episode 3

Tony,and Jeannie are in Hawaii.Tony worries about Jeannie attracting attention,but Jeannie promises that she will not(that she will sit in the corner like a quiet little mouse)but,when reporters show up at the beach to interview Tony,they take notice at Jeannie’s Jewel that she’s wearing around her neck.They proceed to take pictures,and the pictures go on the front pages of the Hawaiian Newspaper.It attracts the attention of a man who claims to be Mr.Vanderhaven,a weathy resident who lives on his yauht.He introduces himself to Jeannie,and Tony,and invites them to have tea on his yauht;but is he who he says he is?And,what is his motive for the invitation.He takes an interest in Jeannie’s Scarap.It was a gift given to her from King Tut.

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Serie: I Dream of Jeannie

Episode Title: The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World

Air Date: 1967-09-26


I Dream of Jeannie Season 3 Episode 3