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Knots Landing Season 6 Episode 16

Knots Landing Season 6 Episode 16

Abby decides to lengthen Joshua’s segment. She threatens Cathy not to date Josh anymore, or she will tell him about her affair with Gary and that she murdered someone. Mac can’t get a Judge to grant him a warrant for Galveston Industries, so Greg gets Mac the warrant he needs. Karen unwittingly gives Galveston information on the investigation. Gary goes to Val’s diner, and recalls how he met her in a diner by helping her out when it was really busy. He tries to talk to Val, who doesn’t recognize him and thinks he’s crazy. Parker and his friends beat Gary up and tell him to get out of town. Val’s confused as to why 2 people have thought she was Val Ewing. Gary goes back to the diner and helps Val like he did when they first met. For just an instant she recognizes him and says ””Gary””, but then confused, runs out, and Gary follows. She insists she’s Verna and has never seen him before. She tells Parker she wants to get married right away.

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Serie: Knots Landing


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Episode Title: Out of the Past

Air Date: 1985-01-24