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Knots Landing Season 6 Episode 18

Knots Landing Season 6 Episode 18

Ben has a flat tire on the road to Empire Valley. A truck with radio receivers stops to help him. Ben takes one of the receivers and tells Mac that he thinks that Empire Valley is only a cover for something bigger. Mac’s men go to pick up Jamison and Woodside, but they’re gone. Gary and Parker fight. Val realizes that Parker lied to her, and knows that she is Valene Ewing. She starts to remember Gary, and agrees to go home with him, but thinks that they are still married. At home, she doesn’t recognize anyone. Abby tells Gary that Ben needs to take care of Val, and that he has to make a break from her, or they’re through. Gary takes Val to the beach and tells her they’re not married. She’s upset. Abby asks Galveston if Mac will find out about the babies, and Galveston says no, that he will personally tell Gary about his heirs. Later, Abby sneaks into his house and goes through his desk. Galveston comes in and then suddenly has an attack. He asks for his pills, but Abby doesn’t help him

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Serie: Knots Landing


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Episode Title: Fly Away Home

Air Date: 1985-02-07