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Knots Landing Season 6 Episode 22

Knots Landing Season 6 Episode 22

Karen meets with Val’s original obstetrician, who tells her that she and her partner were called away to a conference when the babies were born, and that Dr. Ackerman plays in a lot of bridge tournaments. Cathy sings on Joshua’s show, and he announces on air that they are getting married. Cathy’s upset with him for assuming things and not asking her first. .Mac finds an address in some of Galveston’s papers. He and Ben go there. Mrs. Fisher invites them in, but says she has no idea who he is or why he’d have their address. Then she has to go check on her twins who are crying. While there, they see a press conference that Greg has called on TV. Greg announces that Galveston was his father, had died, and he’s resigning from the Senate and taking over his company. Laura is furious because Greg didn’t tell her any of this. Abby tells Greg that she wants a piece of Empire Valley, the ””real”” Empire Valley.

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Serie: Knots Landing

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Episode Title: A Piece of the Pie

Air Date: 1985-03-07