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Knots Landing Season 6 Episode 23

Knots Landing Season 6 Episode 23

Joshua apologizes to Cathy and proposes. She accepts and Abby decides to throw them a party. Karen finds out who the nurse on duty was the night Val gave birth. Karen finds Nurse Wilson, and questions her, but she doesn’t say anything. Karen tells Lilimae that Wilson is scared, and brings Lilimae to talk with her too. Gary decides to go ahead with Empire Valley, but asks Mac and Ben for their reports as he doesn’t trust Greg. At the engagement party, Greg warns Coblentz about Abby. Josh announces to everyone that as soon as they’re married, Cathy is going to stop singing. Cathy’s angry, and he tells her she doesn’t need to make scenes to get his attention. Val comforts Cathy and tells her to stand up to Joshua. Abby meets with Coblentz and pretends to know what’s really going on, and Coblentz, thinking she already knows, tells her all. Greg tells Coblentz that Abby faked him out, and Coblentz tells Greg to undue the damage.

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Serie: Knots Landing

Guest Star: ,

Episode Title: The Forest for the Trees

Air Date: 1985-03-22