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Knots Landing Season 6 Episode 25

Knots Landing Season 6 Episode 25

Gary tells Abby that because he bought the notes when his investors backed out, they now own all of Empire Valley. Coblentz doesn’t want Gary as their landlord. Greg takes Gary to meet some of Galveston’s men, and they tell him that something big is taking place, and they ask him to join them. Gary tells them to go to hell. Coblentz implies to Gary that he is a government agent and asks Gary to infiltrate the group. Gary agrees to this. Joshua breaks Ben’s Wesphall story on his show, and says that Ben is trying to make a conspiracy that isn’t there. Ben is livid. Abby tells Joshua he’s losing ratings. Cathy tells Joshua she’s not sure if she wants to get married, and they need to decide things together, but decides to marry him. Joshua asks Ben to be his best man because despite of what he thinks of him, he considers him family. Joshua and Cathy get married.

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Serie: Knots Landing

Guest Star: ,

Episode Title: For Better, For Worse

Air Date: 1985-04-04