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Knots Landing Season 7 Episode 2

Knots Landing Season 7 Episode 2

At the studio, Cathy tells Joshua she’s getting an apartment – with or without him. Joshua grabs her really hard and says to NEVER speak to him in public like that. Gary goes to Dallas for Bobby’s funeral. Greg tells the Empire Valley foremen, Elliot, to blast for the TV station in another position, but he won’t without Gary’s okay. Val waits outside of the Fishers’ house. Ben tells Harry that the twins might not be Val’s, but either way they need to clear it up. Nurse Wilson finally shows up at the Judge’s, and Mac gets a court order barring the Fishers from leaving. Sheila is really losing it, so Harry agrees to run away with her. Karen drives by the Fishers’ house. She sees Sheila leaving, and Mac’s men follow her. Karen sees Harry’s inside, so she tells him she knows that Sheila doesn’t really have the babies with her. Karen pleads with Harry and tells him that even if he didn’t know the babies were stolen before, he knows now. She says they have no moral choice but to give them ba

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Serie: Knots Landing

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Episode Title: Here in My Arms

Air Date: 1985-10-03