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Knots Landing Season 7 Episode 4

Knots Landing Season 7 Episode 4

Mac decides to investigate adoptions and asks the governor to send him someone to help him with the red tape. He sends Jill Bennett. She and Mac flirt and they kiss. Greg sees Laura with a co-worker and is jealous. Greg gives Abby a phony report that says the site for the TV station is better then where Gary wanted it. Ben tells Joshua that his ratings are slipping. Josh apologizes to Cathy and asks her to sing on his show again. Val plans the babies’ christening. She asks Mac and Karen to be the godparent’s. Val decides to name her daughter Elizabeth (Betsy) after Ben’s mother.Lilimae’s shoulder hurts, and so she goes to a few doctors’ appointments, but it’s nothing serious. Joshua tells Cathy that Lilimae’s dying, so he can’t move out. Sheila Fisher follows Val and the babies around. Harry’s worried about her. They go to Val’s and tell her they’re moving, but will always love the babies. Val lets them say goodbye to the twins.

Episode Title: The Christening

Air Date: 1985-10-17