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Knots Landing Season 7 Episode 5

Knots Landing Season 7 Episode 5

Greg has an underground chamber built at Empire Valley for the communications center. Ben is depressed over whether he and Val will ever get married. Ben tells Joshua he’d better do something to get his ratings up, or he’ll cancel his show. Joshua asks Cathy to sing again, but she doesn’t want to and they argue. The next day Cathy has a big bruise. Val thinks Joshua hit her.The governor decides to keep Jill at Mac’s office. He’s angry and he and Jill continually argue. Greg decides to hire an assistant. A man comes in and says to the other applicants that the position was filled, so they all leave. Abby is there, and he says ””Didn’t you hear me? I said it was filled!”” Abby tells Greg she likes him. He is Peter Hollister and says Greg needs him to run his office properly and that he wants to learn from Greg.

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Serie: Knots Landing

Guest Star:

Episode Title: A Little Assistance

Air Date: 1985-10-24