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Knots Landing Season 7 Episode 6

Knots Landing Season 7 Episode 6

Joshua is upset that Cathy gets more fan mail than he does. Ben shows Cathy how much the ratings rise when she is on. Cathy asks if Joshua knows that and Ben says yes. Gary’s upset that the TV station was built on the wrong site. Greg tells Abby that she’d better get Elliot to back up their phony report (as Peter listens in on the phone). Abby tells Elliot that she found out his son was once arrested on a drug charge. He’s graduating from law school and Abby threatens to tell his employers, so Elliot lies to Gary about the phony report. Karen’s jealous of Mac working with Jill, and tells Val that the way they argue reminds her of she and Mac when they first met. Jill tells Mac she is going back to Sacramento, but he says he’d like her to stay.

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Serie: Knots Landing

Episode Title: A Question of Trust

Air Date: 1985-10-31