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Knots Landing Season 7 Episode 7

Knots Landing Season 7 Episode 7

Jill tells Mac that she loves him. Peter listens in as Abby tells Greg that Gary called the surveyor to come into town. Peter has a man call Gary pretending to be the surveyor and rectifies the situation. Karen offers Laura a job overseeing the next phase at Lotus Point. Joshua doesn’t show up for a taping, so Ben has Cathy sing for the whole show. Josh sees it, and is really upset. He meets a waitress, Linda, and makes out with her. Joshua has Cathy meet him and he beats her up. She runs to Ben’s. They have a heart to heart talk, and Ben tells her to leave Joshua. Cathy points out that he doesn’t leave Val. Val tells Ben she loves him and is ready to get married. He says that’s not a solution, but she convinces him. He says he will, but that he wants to be the twins father – their only father, and Val agrees. Gary stops by to see the twins, and begins to suspect that he may be their father.

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Serie: Knots Landing


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Episode Title: Awakenings

Air Date: 1985-11-07