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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 4

MacGyver Season 1 Episode 4

Opening Gambit: MacGyver retrieves a top-secret map, then uses it to escape his pursuers in the desert. MacGyver escapes the desert by using a hot-air balloon conveniently stored at a rendezvous point. Main Episode: MacGyver attempts to get a reporter out of a Central American country with evidence linking a general to an illegal arms dealer. As MacGyver and Kate (the reporter) reach the border, it is clear escaping to Mexico will be no easy task, as the general and the arms dealer have every imaginable route severely guarded. There is no turning back. MacGyver must figure out how to get across the border, as his life, as well as Kate’s, hangs in the balance.

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Serie: MacGyver


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Episode Title: The Gauntlet

Air Date: 1985-10-21


MacGyver Season 1 Episode 4