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Mission: Impossible Season 1 Episode 15

Mission: Impossible Season 1 Episode 15

The IMF must get hold of a horde of Nazi gold through four young men, sons of Hitler’s top aides, who are sent to Switzerland to meet for the first time and pool their parts of the ””puzzle”” together. One of the men, the only one known to them, is replaced by Rollin. Each has part of an account number, and the team needs to hypnotize and trick the bank manager into giving them the complete account # and then slip it to Rollin. The bank account contains an envelope with a microdot, which when combined with a slide in each man’s pocket watch provides the location of the treasure. After seeing the other men’s slides, Rollin fakes the loss of his watch, then he and the rest of the team head to the cemetary. Two of the men figure out the puzzle from their pieces and follow. In a gunfight Dan is wounded, but one of the men is killed and the other runs off rather then face Rollin’s wrath. The gold turns out to have been made into a crypt, and is recovered.

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Serie: Mission: Impossible


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Episode Title: The Legacy

Air Date: 1967-01-07


Mission: Impossible Season 1 Episode 15