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Mission: Impossible Season 1 Episode 22

Mission: Impossible Season 1 Episode 22

Andreas Solowiechek, a member of a Communist trade delegation, is arrested after assassinating a U.S. Senator, Townsend. Townsend’s backer, McMillan, is rallying his supporters for the U.S. to break off all trade talks with the Russians. It is believed Solowiechek wasn’t working on the orders of his government, so the IMF team have to break him. Rollin becomes the assassin’s cellmate, and arranges to be handcuffed to him. Rollin then fakes an escape, and threatens to kill Solowiechek. The assassin promises that his backer can Rollin money. Meanwhile, Dan has pretended to be an artist and got into McMillan’s house, leaving a camera behind hidden in his art box. Rollin and Solowiechek confront McMillan, and the latter admits that he arranged for Townsend to be killed so as to become a martyr to his cause, unaware that his words are being transmitted on national TV.

Episode Title: The Confession

Air Date: 1967-02-25


Mission: Impossible Season 1 Episode 22