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Mission: Impossible Season 2 Episode 1

Mission: Impossible Season 2 Episode 1

Alex Cresnic and his partner Walters have bought out an entire nation’s heroin crop and are smuggling it into Marseilles for a sale – the IMF needs to put them out of business. Barney and Jim fake an elevator crash and ””blind”” Walters. In the hospital, Rollins impersonates Cresnic’s voice and gives Walters specific instructions. Meanwhile, Cresnic believes Walters to be dead and meets Walters’ widow, played by Cinnamon. She blackmails Cresnic into taking her on as his new partner, and then leads him to a rival competitor, played by Rollin. Jim is the chemist in the set-up, and Cresnic ””kills”” Willy and takes Jim to work for him. Jim has a jacket that lets him switch Cresnic’s heroin for powdered milk. Cresnic makes the sale but the IMF has put an opening in the bottom of his desk where he stores the money. Rollin breaks in and tells the buyers to check their merchandise, after setting up Walters to go to the basement and check the money. The buyers discover the heroin is fake, and they

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Serie: Mission: Impossible


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Episode Title: The Widow

Air Date: 1967-09-10


Mission: Impossible Season 2 Episode 1