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Mission: Impossible Season 2 Episode 10

Mission: Impossible Season 2 Episode 10

A husband-and-wife con team, the Hagars, rip off the wealthy for donations to charity, only to take it all for themselves. The IMF ””crashes”” the Hagars’ get-together with a groiup of millionaires at an estate on the French-Italian border. The Hagars have converted their ill-gotten gains to platinum, and have it stored in the base of a pool table . Jim goes in as a gigolo supposedly hired by Erik Hagar to keep his wife Catherine occupied, while Cinnamon keeps Erik occupied by pretending to be a wealthy invalid. Barney tunnels into the estate and switches out the platinum bricks with an inflatable duplicate. Rollin pretends to be a hitman trying to kill Catherine, but is caught and confesses he was hired by Erik. Suspicious, Catherine hires him and then tries to flee the country. Jim fakes putting the platinum in the trunk of her car. He and she make it to the border, but Erik, follows, takes the car. Unfortunately for him, Barney and Willy have taken the real platinu, melted it down, an

Episode Title: Charity

Air Date: 1967-11-12


Mission: Impossible Season 2 Episode 10