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The Addams Family Season 2 Episode 17

The Addams Family Season 2 Episode 17

The children are bored. THey ask if they can go out to play, but Morticia absolutely forbids it; the weather is bright and sunny! Dreadful weather, if you’re an Addams. Then, Granmama comes in, and comes up with the perfect solution to the children’s boredom; She invites them to come watch her wrestle the alligator. THe children are reluctant at first, so Granmama offers to do it in the quicksand, and they happily oblige. Morticica comments on how Granmama is spoiling the children; she’s been letting Pugsley sleep with his tarantula, she lets them sit on her back when she does pushups, ””And I KNOW she’s been telling them where I keep the yak fudge!””. Then, they hear a knocking. They answer it, and Uncle Fester falls into Gomez’s arms, carrying a big crate. Morticia demands to know what Fester was doing out there in this dreadful weather. Fester explains that they were clear out of dynamite, which he has in the crate! Now, they’re both convinced that Fester and Grandmama are sp

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Serie: The Addams Family


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Episode Title: Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama

Air Date: 1966-01-07


The Addams Family Season 2 Episode 17