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The Big Valley Season 2 Episode 7

The Big Valley Season 2 Episode 7

A candidate for governor, Joshua Hawks, who had been traveling up and down California spreading lies and causing trouble, comes to Stockton.His target this time, The Barkleys, his story, that Tom Barkley stole every inch of land that they own. He chose the wrong family to mess with this time though, because the Barkleys don’t lie down for anyone they come out fighting. Against the wishes of his campain manager, the man who fabricated the story, he decides to, foolishly, stay and fight. Jarrod decides not to bring about a libel charge against Hawks, knowing that it would only result in a long drawn out court battle. Instead he asks the senator to form a committee of four men to decide on the case. Hawks cooks up a scheme to murder the committee and blame it on the Barkleys, he even kills his campaign manager when he decides to leave him, after he has found out Hawks’ plan. The plan backfires however and Hawks’ ends up getting himself killed instead. In the end The Barkleys get the good

Episode Title: Target

Air Date: 1966-10-31