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The Jetsons Season 2 Episode 7

The Jetsons Season 2 Episode 7

George Jetson is having a bad day, his car has broken down so he has to take the bus, but the bus driver only takes tokens. George doesn’t have any tokens, so the driver takes his watch as compensation. George then has to sit close to an irritating, mean boy, and his less then radiant mother. By chance, George Jetson happens to sit next to a brilliant, but unrecognized genius. This genius has invented the one-of-a kind Re-Play-Ola. The genius decides to give it to George because the genius can always make another one. The Re-Play-Ola has the ability to rewind time, allowing the person who possesses it, the ability to rewind, modify, erase, and the unusable stop button (it’s unusable because the only thing the stop button would do is erase the genius, and the Re-Play-Ola.) George Jetson starts redoing time to fit his own desires. First, the bus driver will allow George Jetson to mail his tokens in, and the once-irritating boy is now nice. Pretty soon however, George Jetson starts de

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Serie: The Jetsons

Episode Title: Instant Replay

Air Date: 1985-09-24


The Jetsons Season 2 Episode 7