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The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 1

The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 1

Cyril smells conspiracy when the pigs report having overheard a disturbing conversation between the raccoons, about a surprise for Cyril that would ”teach him”, and involves balloons loaded with gun powder… Feeling his health and wealth threatened, he sends out his spies. Soon after, he’s told the raccoons were hiding a secret weapon. He remembers Cedric’s friendly relationship with the ”traitors”, and wants to send him to further investigate, but puts right into his private jail when he finds him in the middle of writing a warning message to them. Fortunately, little Broo manages to escape unnoticed and alert Cedric’s friends, who sneak into the house at night. They free him, but in such a noisy manner that Cyril awakens and chases them into the woods on a motorcycle, in the hope they’d lead him to their hiding place, which actually happens. Finally, he reaches them standing around a huge wooden box (which he suspects to be holding the secret weapon), falls into a mad rage and tries

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Serie: The Raccoons

Episode Title: Surprise attack

Air Date: 1985-11-11


The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 1