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The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 2

The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 2

Julie and Tommie, Ranger Dan’s kids, are about to spend their first night alone in the woods. Before he leaves them in their tent, Dan tells them about Evergreen mountain, and a mystical being that legends claim to be living up there, watching over the mountain and protecting a dark secret. Ralph and Melissa have a discussion with Bert: they feel he’s clinging to them more than he should, and doesn’t grant them enough privacy. Bert’s deadly insulted, but, at the same time, mightily provoked by their idea that he might be afraid of being alone… so in order to show them, he wants to undertake something truly impressive, all by himself, and decides to climb said mountain. But as soon as Cyril gets wind of Bert’s enterprise, he’s after him, trying by all means to prevent him from reaching the top. We then learn that the dark secret hidden there belongs to Cyril; an inheritance he hates deeply, but can’t destroy due to a promise he gave. He feels he can’t allow anyone else to find it, he

Serie: The Raccoons

Episode Title: Going it alone

Air Date: 1985-11-12


The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 2