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The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 3

The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 3

Bert and Ralph set off to visit The Fortress, an old ”clubhouse” where they used to spend their time when they were young. They take Cedric with them, in order to introduce him into the club, but lose the girls by telling eerie stories about the place they’d go to – ghosts terrorizing unsuspecting campers, and an old spooky house. Soon, they arrive at the Fort, which turns out as a wooden cabin that could break down any minute. Before they can move in, they’ll have to spend some time with repairs. They’re not aware that Cyril is spending his vacations nearby (as recommended by his doctor), together with the pigs who are to serve him and watch his blood pressure, which rises dangerously when the Raccoons and Cedric start their noisy activities. The pigs are sent to check out the noise. At night, our friends row through a nearby lake, to an island where said house is located. In order to prove himself as a worthy club member, Cedric will have to spend the night in there, alone… At this

Serie: The Raccoons

Episode Title: A night to remember

Air Date: 1985-11-13


The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 3