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The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 4

The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 4

Cyril pitches his idea called the ”Sneermobile” to Mr. Mammoth. The design sounds simple enough, but when Mammoth begins to have doubts about a solar-powered car being sold, Cyril instantly halts production and gets to work on a menacing new ”Sneermobile.” When it seems the new car could threaten the very existence of the forest, such as be levelled for land to make a ”Sneermobile Factory,” Cedric’s friends help him salvage the parts and rebuild the car anew. With Bert at the wheel, the car is now dubbed the ”Solarcoaster.” On the day of the ”Sneermobile’s” trial run before Mr. Mammoth, our gang brings the Solarcoaster to the race, and pretty soon, Cyril is pulling out all stops to not have his new demonic-looking Sneermobile lose. But still, almost all tricks don’t hold up in the end, as the Solarcoaster makes it over the finish line in one piece, while Cyril’s car is decimated by being pushed to the limits of it’s ”Turbo-power.” Mr. Mammoth decides that through the trial run, the ”So

Serie: The Raccoons

Episode Title: The Evergreen grand prix

Air Date: 1985-11-14


The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 4