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The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 6

The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 6

While fishing, Bert finds a treasure map in a boot. They make a ship out of barrels with Cedric and set out to find treasures. In the meantime, the pigs find out about their scheme and tell Cyril Sneer. Cyril, greedy for money, chases them. Bert and Cedric find the treasures, but Cyril shows up and claims possession of the land where they dug up the treasures. But Cedric recollects that Cyril never told him that the land was his, and he and Bert set out in pursuit of Cyril. During the pursuit, Cedric falls in the river and Cyril must choose if he loves Cedric or the treasure more dearly. He chooses Cedric, and the treasure chest is irrevocably lost in the river.

Serie: The Raccoons

Episode Title: Buried treasure

Air Date: 1985-11-18


The Raccoons Season 1 Episode 6